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  1. 3D Printed Boat Medallion

    Tue 26 May 2015
    By Kyle

    3D Printed Boat Medallion

    This one was commissioned by my father for his sailing buddy John Kretschmer. We collaborated on the design and I built it in Tinkercad. The boat is an extruded trace of Kretschmer's boat Quetzal. The text is also an extruded SVG. I tried to add a few ornamental touches ...

  2. 3D Printed Bluetooth Illuminati Pyramid

    Fri 15 May 2015
    By Kyle

    3D Printed Bluetooth Illuminati Pyramid

    With the departure of a roommate came the departure of the Bluetooth receiver. As I poked around eBay for a cheap and aesthetically appealing replacement, I began to dig up all-in-one receiver circuit boards. Search the 'bay for something like "bluetooth audio receiver board" if interested. Look closely as they ...

  3. Tinkercad!!

    Mon 13 April 2015
    By Kyle

    i looove Tinkercad. It's free, web-based, and has lots of silly words and bright colors. It's also a bit different from other CAD applications - rather than define points of a line, lines of a plane, and planes of an object, you add and subtract simple shapes to create ...

  4. 3D Printed Bird Skulls

    Thu 19 March 2015
    By Kyle

    3D printed Bird Skulls

    Erin found this skull model on Thingiverse and thought it would make cool kandi beads. She was right ☺. They are pretty detailled for their size - just over 27 mm long. We used the 0.07 mm resolution of the Cube 3.

    These were sanded with 320 grit paper. The black ...

  5. 3D Printed Guitar Knob

    Mon 23 February 2015
    By Kyle

    This is a standard Stratocaster-style guitar knob wrapped with the logo of the music store where I worked for roughly ever. The wrapped lettering was really convoluted to make in Tinkercad - I imported an SVG of the store's logo and extruded it, then to get individual letters I made ...

  6. 3D Printed RPi Case

    Fri 20 February 2015
    By Kyle

    This shell for an RPi A+ was made by vectorizing a china pattern from Google Images. It was supposed to print with plastic standoffs as shown in the Tinkercad screenshot, but the printer's repeated advancing and retracting of the filiment during this part of the job quickly stripped the ...

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