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  1. I Have a Hat!

    Wed 23 September 2015
    By Kyle

    ...and it's better than yours

    I glued some WS2812B strip to a top hat and slopped some components on one of those perma-proto boards that Adafruit keeps giving me. It's pretty great. Proper blog entry coming soon.

  2. Remote Controlled Light-Up Spirit Hood

    Fri 01 May 2015
    By Kyle

    Remote Controlled Light-Up Spirit Hood

    Erin and I promised a complete stranger that we would make them an amazing spirit hood. One year of forgetting and procrastinating later, we actually got around to it. This hardly belongs on my blog, as Erin did all the design, cutting, sewing. All I did was cut a strip ...

  3. More Teensy HIDing

    Tue 05 August 2014
    By Kyle

    Many people have done cool things with the human interface device capability of Teensy boards. Here's another.

    I needed to change BIOS settings on a lot of identical computers, so I scripted it.

    Before we go any farther, the full code for this task is here: ...

  4. Teensy MIDI Decoder

    Fri 30 May 2014
    By Kyle

    Earlier this year I bought a MIDI decoder from Highly Liquid (the exact product has been discontinued and removed). It is a $60 board that registers as a MIDI out when plugged in to a computer via USB. It is pretty cool, but relatively large and expensive. A few minutes ...

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